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Each year hacks targeting nomad staff is costing Billions,

Allpriv bring a new Solution for organizations managing thousands of nomad staff working out of office

Today, organizations, from government to enterprise, have part of their staff out of office :

This creates new dangers for the data privacy of the company

1. Connecting to public Hotspots

Staff need to stay connected,

They connect to public hotspots, at Airport, Hotel, Conferences ….

Transport private information

The public hotspots are unsafe,

The Allpriv solutions bring a new security level bringing a safe internet connection to the company nomads

CISO can now protect laptops before they connect to unsafe networks

2. How to trust an USB pen you have to plug at your laptop ?

A third person giving you it’s pendrive,

Your usb pen after plugged laptop for presentation,

Transport private information

The Allpriv solution brings to the business traveler a powerful airlock system that allows to plug safely an

that allows to plug safely an untrusted usb pen and prevents any kind of hacking.

3. Transport sensitive data

Need to bring confidential data, business contract, or other company sensitive data?

Losing this USB pen, even encrypted, can be a real risk for the company.

Transport private information

Allpriv solution includes maybe the strongest system in the market : encryption, blochchain & online specific parts of keys,

AI and machine learning to detect any risk and erase all information, keys and system, and if danger can goes to hardware destruction

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LPS (Laptop Personal Shield) is the ALLPRIV solution

A powerful piece of hardware fixed behind laptop screen

CISO from company can protect all the laptop fleet.

Entreprise Privacy is now SAFE


1.- LPS is connects to public wifi, detecting if any danger before give internet connection to laptop

2.- Plug an USB Pen unsafe to LPS. LPS will act as airlock, protecting from malwares & viruses…

3.- Transport personal data : Hard encryption, Blockchain and auto-destruction if tempered…

AllPriv Solution Is a multi-patented solution delivering a hi-level protection for company digital live on the go.

The LPS is a full server room in your hand, embedding Blockchain and AI working only for your security .


Web summit 2019

Web summit : Lisbon, November 5-8, 2018


CES Las Vegas, January 8-11,2019

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Award : CES 2019 Innovation Awards HONOREE in the Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy category